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About indirect ways and "big pictures" … and in finding their own way

10 Jahre Labyrinth

Children learn with reason actively through the things they do themselves. It doesn`t matter how they do it, even if it's through touching, hopping, climbing, folding, kneading, smelling, running, hearing, looking, questioning, screaming, thinking or relaxing. “Learning by doing“ is the right way, not only for children.

If children actively learn “by doing“ with all their senses, then they can better understand the contexts, find solutions easier and recognize much quicker that these indirect ways are the best and most exciting ones and that they are an enrichment, too! In a maze you can sometimes find incomprehensible, intertwined and apparently complicated ways which, with a bit of patience, lead to the intended aim. These indirect ways were then worth it!

The children become more independent through “learning by doing“. They get to know their limits and practise to take responsibility. If girls and boys learn as a whole, with all their senses, their emotions, body and mind, they can tank up their life motor with self-confidence and trust. If you understand not only with your mind, what human beings need in life, they will take care of their fellow human beings, as well as use resources considerately, and so will treat the earth positively instead of destroying it.

The children's museums are places for inspiring people to see the big picture to become curious, to look crosswise and differently. Those who are interested in learning, recognize that it never stops. Children`s museums create such a simple and at the same time ambitious ways with the help of interactive experience exhibitions, in which the central point is the education of children. The success of this concept is proven by the number of visitors, the elation and the curious joy in the children's faces. It is also a great pleasure for our Labyrinth team to show the girls and boys the (in)direct ways through creativity, ideas and respect.

The Labyrinth Children's Museum is a project of the Fabrik Osloer Straße and with more than 1.5 million visitors (children and adults) since its foundation in 1997. It is a regular and a popular inherent part of Berlin's cultural and educational landscape. With its permanent partner, the Senatsverwaltung responsible for education, youth and family and in cooperation with numerous institutes, companies, artists and scientists, which develop an abundance of ideas for interactive exhibitions, projects, workshops, and events.

The greatest art is to make everything they do or learn into a game for children.
(John Locke, philosopher, 1632-1704)