The exhibition

Natürlich heute! Mitmachen für morgen

Today, naturally! Get involved for tomorrow
A children’s exhibition about the environment:

December 14, 2019 to August 27, 2023

Long before #FridaysforFuture gained momentum, it has been obvious that children and young people care about protecting their planet. Many of them are aware that our earth is in serious danger. This exhibition shows why and explains how we can all help protect the environment and the planet. It’s time to join forces for tomorrow in the Labyrinth Children’s Museum in Berlin – playfully, creatively and using all the senses.

Why is biodiversity important? How does plastic get into the sea?

Kids will be greeted by a range of lively games, plus lots of facts about protecting the planet and sustainability. In six exciting and intricately designed exhibition stations, visitors get a close-up view of different ecosystems and can dress up and learn more about a host of animals. As a shark, squirrel, ant or another animal, they can experience first-hand how creatures and plants interact with nature – and what it means when an ecosystem is disrupted. Children can explore how the climate works and where the air that we breathe comes from. They also learn more about issues like plastics pollution of the sea or rainforest deforestation. What does the orangutan from the other side of the globe have to do with us? The answer soon becomes clear to the young visitors at “Today, naturally!”

What does climate change mean? What can I do about it?

Sustainable, climate friendly, environmentally friendly – what do these phrases mean in real life? “Today, naturally!” gives kids a brief and playful introduction to resources, greenhouse gases, plastic waste or recycling. They can discover how buying decisions in the supermarket or department store influence the climate, and can peruse cool and environmentally friendly ideas and products from all over the world. Last but not least, there’s a chance to learn from young environmentalists and see how their local initiatives have grown into global movements. Their tip:

Put your heart into it!

Immerse yourself in our exhibition, take part in the multiple games, activities and workshops: In “Today, naturally!” children can understand how everything on our planet is interrelated – and what a big, big part we humans play in it.

Be part of it, participate: Naturally today, for tomorrow!

Today, Naturally! Get involved for tomorrow. Download the FLYER (German) here.

Six stations/ six learning landscapes

Make waves! Give the sea a break.

Stick your hands in your fins and explore the sea. Travel with the giant whale into the blue realm. Help out on the beach or build a reef. Our motto: Save the sea!

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For a wild world!

Is everything in balance? Take a walk on the wild side. Meet diverse species, let plants grow, be cunning like a chameleon in the desert or help bring the polar bear safely across the ice.

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Super powers! Protect diversity.

Staton currently closed!

Are you a clever creature? Then slip into the feathers, guard the forest and get your paws ready. It’s time to take on a task in the ecosystem. What are you waiting for? The wilderness is calling!

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Saving the climate makes sense!

Build a house out of old rubbish and unearth ideas on how to produce less rubbish. Go on a climate-neutral shopping trip and discover why too much cow muck makes a really big mess!

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Step by step: Come along!

Role models and trend setters: Meet children with smart ideas and big hearts who are helping us – and our planet.

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Going global now! Transforming the world for tomorrow

Take a look what can be done today! Take a stroll through the wardrobe of the future, you’ll be surprised by ink made out of dirty air and other brainwaves from around the world.

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Naturally blog! Get involved

Monday, 3. February 2020 - 13:47

Die Eröffnung der aktuellen Ausstellung „Natürlich heute!“ war gleichzeitig auch der Abschied von unserem langjährigen pädagogischen Leiter, João Eduardo Albertini. In seiner Abschiedsrede hat er uns an seinen bezaubernden Momenten hier im Labyrinth Kindermuseum teilhaben lassen.

Tuesday, 7. January 2020 - 16:34

Eine Ausstellungsstation voller junger Menschen, die die Welt bewegen.

Monday, 6. January 2020 - 14:41

Kinder erklären, was Tiere und Insekten so können.

Extra programme

Saturday, naturally! Workshops for adults

So now it’s the turn of the so-called grown-ups! “Saturday, naturally!” is our new series of workshops. Adults can come along once a month, for free, to try out new ideas on how to be sustainable and environmentally friendly. More...

Get involved, naturally! Holidays and more

We vary the diverse range of themes of our exhibition "Today, naturally!" As ever, we have special holiday programs, extra events, workshops and activities. Come and join in! More...

Projects, naturally! Protecting diversity, discovering nature

Many children have long known that our nature and environment is full of diversity, whether it lies deep in the soil, crawls in the meadows, dives in the deep sea or hums around our heads. And very quickly, curious children become agile nature explorers, green researchers and diversity activists. More...

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