So Far Away And Yet So Near


So Far Away And Yet So Near

An adventure trip to faraway countries and cultures

A hands-on exhibition for children and families
17 August 2012 – 30 March 2014

Set out on your journey, steady, go! Sometimes we need to take only a few steps or just go on short trips to free ourselves from the prejudices and clichés which we like to foster when we think of faraway and foreign cultures. Once these steps are taken – and the sooner the better! – it often turns out that we have many more things in common than we have differences, and these very things which we have in common enable us to live together in peace.

What separates us, what links us, what do we have in common? You will get the answer to these and other questions in the hands-on exhibition “So far away and yet so near” of the Labyrinth Kindermuseum Berlin in a fun way: Until 30 March 2014, families and children aged between 3 and 11 years are invited to embark on an adventure trip to the homes of other children in the world.

Getting to know new things, becoming familiar with new faces, languages, aromas, food, clothes, houses and rites of our world - all this can be discovered by girls and boys during the visit to “So far away and yet so near”. The interactive exhibition wants to whet children’s curiosity for other people by making them discover the everyday life of other cultures: A costume bazaar attracts the kids with colourful garments and props, a Mongolian yurt shows that a home may also look completely different, a school invites the visitors to experiment with different scripts, in our kitchen everything revolves around eating customs and traditions – and of course, a marketplace and a travel agency must not be missing.  With its activity “Create our planet”, the new ActionGallery offers children plenty of space and inspirations to become active, creative and artistic themselves. 

“So far away and yet so near” is accompanied by a comprehensive supporting programme with creative projects, holiday activities, children’s parties and workshops. The actress Ulrike Folkerts (“Tatort”) has accepted the patronage.

Download exhibition flyer here.  "So far away and yet so near" (526.11 kB)

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